Ogrim Trollcarver

Mountain Dwarf Barbarian


Ogrim is a level 14 Mountain Dwarf Barbarian.
Ogrim comes from the Earthspur Mountains located in The Vast. Belonging to the tribes of The Earthspur Exiles.


The Life of an Unusual Dwarf

From Birth to Early Teenager

The dwarves of the Earthspur Exiles live a different life outside the norms of typical dwarven society. Being cast out of the subterranean cities most create new names for themselves. Surnames are not passed down from father to son, they are earned. The mountain born children know their immediate parentage, but are raised communally. Ogrim’s father, Cegrim Orcflayer, was descended from the original chosen of the Kazah’Dorne Clan. His mother was a dedicated sculptor responsible for many of the statuary throughout Exile Peak, by the name of Olyena Stoneshaper.

Inside Exile Peak the youth are educated and trained. The exiles believe in conditioning both body and mind to hone the skills required for their rugged lifestyle. Once of age they are adopted into a band to learn even more survival, hunting and combat skills.

Ogrim was an average student of average intelligence, but he excelled in martial and physical training. He loved being under the tutelage of the Monks in the Peak, learning hand to hand combat and weapons. He favored axes, especially the largest, and developed keen skills at wielding them beyond others of his age. He always had a love for the hand to hand combat the master monks would display, but never quite had the grace and coordination to master it himself. Often in times of frustration, or just simply when he thinks it’s a great idea, he finds himself throwing down weapons and resorting to boxing and awkward kicks. To further mimic the Monks he also forgoes equipping armor of any kind, and often wore plain clothes around the Peak.

Olyena always showed interest in her son’s education. When he wasn’t fist fighting or showing off his weapon expertise, Ogrim could be found hovering around his mother and her works. The trait that stuck the most was his mother’s peculiar way to ascertain information about stone and plaster by tasting the materials. Culminating in Ogrim crafting a smaller statue of a dwarf standing on the body of an orc, axe in hand, that stands in the temple to Moradin. Olyena swells with pride every time she passes the stone worked by her son’s hands, but she knew his best work would be in time of battle.

Late Teenage Years, and the Mountain Bands

In his late teenage years it was finally time to venture forth into the outside world. In the worst months of winter (Hammer and Alturiak) all the bands hold up in Exile Peak. For two months a raucous gathering disrupts the usually peaceful caverns. A time where mates come together, bands enlist trained young ones, and many a story and ale are shared. By mid Ches Ogrim was headed out of the only home he had known for the wilds of the mountain side and a life of hunting.

Ogrim Trollcarver

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