Killian Lackluster

Halfling Wild Magic Sorcerer


Killian is a middle aged Halfling male with black hair and green eyes. He is a level 14 Wild Magic Sorcerer.


Killian was ten years old and experiencing a happy childhood with his family in Beluir, the capital city of Luiren, when Mystra was murdered and the Spellplague struck Faerun in 1385 DR. The entire landscape was enveloped in writhing waves of blue spellfire that altered the geography of Luiren in an instant. The ocean rushed in to devour most of the city of Beluir and both of Killian’s parents were drowned in the deluge. Killian was encapsulated in a maelstrom of wild magic and transported to a strange city and moved out of time to a future that he should have never lived to see.

Killian soon discovered that he had been orphaned and deposited in the city of Delzimmer in the year 1466 DR, 81 years after the Spellplague had raged across Faerun. He also discovered that the wild magic that had transported him had left a more esoteric and permanent mark on him, Killian was a wild magic Sorcerer. Innately able to summon light and a small arcane hand to manipulate objects at a distance, but with no real understanding or training in the arcane arts, Killian quickly fell into league with a local group of street urchin thieves. He spent several years fighting tooth and nail to scrape out a meager existence through petty thievery on the streets of Delzimmer. He endured beatings, starvation, extreme poverty and sleepless nights with his back against the wall clutching his few possessions to his chest to keep them safe. Eventually his talents were reported to the leader of the local Halfling thieves guild, a retired Halfling assassin named Grandfather Guido De’Filch.

With the aid of some of the reaming clergy of Yondalla and several arcane spellcasters, Guido was able to verify Killian’s story and confirm that he truly was a person out of time that had first hand knowledge of the layout of the submerged city of Beluir. Guido quickly moved Killian into an orphanage for displaced Halfling children run by Sisters of Yondalla. It was in this orphanage that Killian matured and was given an education and a safe place for his wild sorcery talents to grow.

Upon reaching his age of majority and completing his education he was once again approached by the Grandfather. Guido brought Killian into his confidence and let him know that his Thieves guild was really a front for a bigger organization known as the Son’s of the South. This organization was focused on creating stability in the South, reopening trade routes, and ultimately the reclamation of the Halfling homeland of Luiren. Killian agreed to become a member and moved into a room at Guido’s gambling hall, “The Halfling’s Luck” and began to train as an operative under the tutelage of Guido and his grandson Cullen.

Killian and Cullen became fast friends and began to travel the South as messengers and observers for the Son’s of the South. Eventually Cullen was pulled a way to lead an operation of his own on the outskirts of Durpar on the border of the Beast Lands. Some months later Cullen failed to report in and Guido assumed the worst. He recruited a group of adventurers that included Ogrim, Diero and Ansgar. He placed Killian with the group as a Son’s of the South liaison and contact.

This event truly was the beginning of Killian’s adventuring career. After rescuing Cullen, Killian and his new friends have continued to travel and problem solve for Guido and the Son’s of the South. He has become close with the wild and taciturn Ogrim, the eccentric and awkward Ansgar, he mourned the death of Diero in Purl. He has made new friends in the form of Gurth and Dwynn as their group has grown. He has amassed wealth and founded an Orphanage called “Yondalla’s Mercy” in Delzimmer and helps to fund the operation of an Inn on a plot of land that straddles the road from Earthheart to Delzimmer. Yet through all of this he has never forgotten that his true home is to the east in the salt marshes left after the ocean waters receded. Beluir still calls to him and he knows that one day he will make it home.

Killian Lackluster

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