The Shining South of Faerun after the Spellplague is not so shiny…….  Thousands of years of stability and culture have been tragically altered by the whims of the Gods and nature run rampant.  Var the Golden lies under the sea, Luiren is a lifeless salt marsh recently uncovered by the receding ocean.  The land once known as the Veldorn is a confederation of loosely allied monstrous tribes collectively known as the Beast Lands.  Dambrath, after a bloody revolt, is back in the possession of the lycanthrope worshiping barbarians that are indigenous to the region.  Durpar has lost half its land to the sea and has allied themselves with the Iron Eye Tribe of Goblinoids out of the Curna Mountains.  Estagund, besieged from the north by the Beastlands is cut off from historical trade routes by the changing geographic and political landscapes around them.  The year is 1487 by the Dale Reckoning Calendar and once again the universe is in motion.  The second sundering is underway and the world is changing again.  In 1486 DR a group of strangers came together in the southern town of Delzimmer under the patronage of Guido De'Filch, a retired halfling master assassin and former underworld leader.   

     Guido has mellowed in his twilight years and has become a force for stability and progress in the embattled south.  He has formed a group called the Sons of the South to forge alliances between the people and political groups of the South, to throw back the tides of monstrous invaders from the Beast Lands and to re-establish the Halfling nation of Luiren.  For one such endeavor, he hired a disparate group of young adventurers to go to Durpar and check the status of a frontier fort he had established to hinder the Beast-Lord Saed's ability to disrupt trade in the region.

     This group consisted of Ogrim Trollcarver, a mud covered, mountain dwarf barbarian; Killian Lackluster, a lightfoot halfling sorcerer; Diero Calabra, a swarthy human bard of questionable character and Ansgar, an awkward human priest of Selune.  In the course of their travel they discovered that Guido's grandson, Cullen, had been abducted and that Saed had established an underground stronghold in the hills across the river from the fort.  The group invaded the stronghold, found a temple to Malar (the God of bestial savagery), slaughtered the forces of the Beast-Lord and rescued Cullen from their clutches.

      Upon returning safely to Delzimmer the group reconvened with Guido at his Inn and Gambling Hall, "The Halfling's Luck", to discover that Guido is the Chosen of the Halfling God of Adventure, Brandobaris.  The Inn was then invaded by Saed and several vampire spawn where it was revealed that Saed, is the Chosen of the God of savage hunting, Malar.  During the confrontation, Cullen was seized by Saed and held hostage as a measure to keep Guido from interfering in the actions of the Beast Lands.

     Recognizing the odd combination of skills that this group of adventurers possessed, Guido offered the party membership in the Sons of the South and an ongoing set of contracts.  Killian, already being a member, encouraged the others to join the organization,  everyone  else declined full membership, but agreed to stay associated with Guido and the Son's of the South on a contract basis.  Thus began a lucrative relationship between Guido and the Party.  Guido has the resources to employ the party as a well payed and well equipped group of mobile problem solvers.  As the relationship progressed, it became clear that many of the party members share ideological beliefs with both Guido and the Sons of the South. 



Accidentally Immortal

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